Who are we?

Welcome to St. George’s Anglican Church

Explore the richness of historic Christianity in the Anglican tradition at St. George’s Anglican Church in Las Vegas, Nevada. Immerse yourself in the beauty of worship afforded in the 1928 Book of Common Prayer with its timeless liturgies of the Mass, the Divine Offices of Morning and Evening Prayer and other services. These liturgies celebrated at St. George’s are also broadcast through this website. You will also find here audio recordings of homilies and instruction on the Christian Faith by Fr. Gordon Hines, Rector of St. George’s Church. The more you experience this branch of the Catholic and Apostolic Church, the more you will know, as St. Thomas Aquinas knew: salvation is for man to attain his end which is God.”


Our Faith

Since the first century, the Anglican Church has nourished souls through the Seven Sacraments, Bible, prayer and spiritual disciplines – these have filled its members with God – humankind’s deepest longing. Our Province’s first archbishop, Robert Morse, has said that, “the beginning of the religious experience is to admit that what you want in life is to love and be loved forever.” He commented further,

The Mass was divinely instituted by Christ to express the inexpressible. We offer our love for our Creator by offering ourselves in union with the eternal sacrifice of Christ. Christ defines love for us in that sacrifice as total self-giving. Our Faith is not a philosophy about existence, but an active love affair between the Creator and Creation, God and ourselves. Love experienced must be expressed.”


Our History

St. George’s Church in Las Vegas, Nevada, began as a mission church, holding its first worship service in January of 1990 in a parishioner’s home. Other families similarly joined this small but dedicated group of Anglicans and remained faithful and steadfast in offering the Mass in their homes and rental space in other churches throughout the 1990s. Stepping out again in faith, the members of St. George’s called their first rector, Fr. Gordon Hines, in July of 1998 to serve as full-time priest. Blessed with growth in membership, the church began meeting at McMillan Elementary School in 1999. Sunday school and Bible study began being offered and the church experienced yet further growth, leading to the purchase of property and construction of the first phase of its church building program. Phase one construction was completed, with the first Mass being offered in the new building on September 25, 2001. Since then, the church has continued to experience growth in members and ministries, sharing the life and love of Christ to others.


Why We Do What We do

As contemporary Americans become increasingly secularized, they have lost touch with the Christian Faith or any understanding of God. This is due, in large part, from not knowing history, and, therefore, the awareness and relevance of God has receded from the lives of countless individuals. God has revealed Himself in history. Through learning about the historical Church one discovers God. To know God is to know ourselves. The role of the Church has not changed, for its message is timeless and that is to give humankind a conscience. Morality is the discipline of love. The Gospel the Church preaches is that God is love, He give us life, He forgives us, and He gives us eternal life. St. George’s strives to carry out that message to a spiritually starving world.