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The vestry is the governing board of the Parish and is in charge of its temporalities, serving as the legal representative of the Parish with respect to its business and property. When the Parish is incorporated under the laws of the State, the Vestry acts as the Board of Directors of the Corporation.

The Vestry consits of five members, in addition to the Rector, all of whom shall be Comminicants in good standing of the parish and who shall be pledged contributors to its financial support.

  • The election and terms of the members of the Vestry is as follows:
  • Each elected member shall serve for a trem of three years.
  • Each year one or two members of the Vestry shall retire and be replaced by one or two newly elected members.
  • A retiring Vestryman shall be ineligible for re-election to the Vestry for one year.

All vestrymen shall serve until their successors have been elected and qualified.

The officers of the Vestry (who are also officers of the Parish Corporation) shall be:

  • The Rector, who shall serve as its President
  • A Senior Warden, to be appointed annually from the membership of the vestry by the Rector
    and who serve as first Vice-President;
  • A Junior Warden, to be elected annually from the Vestry who may, but need not be a member of the Vestry
  • A Secretary, to be elected annually by the Vestry, who may, but need not be a Vestry member.  The Treasurer and the Secretary may be one person.

The elected and appointed officers of the Vestry shall be chosen at the first meeting following the election of the Vestry and will serve for one year or until their successors are elected and will be qualified.

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