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Our Sunday Church School teaches the Christian faith as stated in the Nicene Creed, and as articulated in the historic councils of the Church. The lessons follow the Church Year, drawing directly from Holy Scripture and the Episcopal 1928 Book of Common Prayer. Lesson topics (with a few exceptions) are the same for all ages, aiding the teacher of a mixed-age class, and encouraging families to work on lessons together.

The lessons cover a three-year span, one Volume per year. Each Volume covers forty-one weeks of the year, from mid-September through Trinity Sunday (usually mid-June), a total of 123 lessons. The major feasts and liturgical seasons, the seven Sacraments, prayer and the Nicene Creed are all addressed. From late Trinity to Advent, lessons are devoted to the Old Testament, and from Lent to Trinitytide lessons address New Testament teachings.

Beginners (age 3 through kindergarten)
Primaries (1st – 3rd grades)
Juniors (4th – 6th grades)

We are grateful for our Sunday School teachers’ tireless efforts at continuing to educate our young children on God’s Word:  Julie Viacava, Laura Siebert, Edith Lee, Katie Kruse, Debbie Douglas and Kelly Davis. May God bless them all.  Our Sunday School would be nothing without them.

We are very blessed to have added Ms. Edith Lee to our Sunday School staff in 2011.  Edith very graciously volunteers her time once per month and has been such an asset to our team.

A teen study group has been added to our Sunday School this past year.  All of the older kids from the ages of 12 to 17 have been attending and we meet every other Sunday during the Mass.  This allows the kids to attend the Mass on Sundays that the study is not going on.  It has been very successful and we have managed to cover a lot of ground.  WE have accomplished a couple of youth group Bible studies, discussion groups on several Christian movies, various games and activities, and discussions geared toward specific topice of interest to the kids.  This is such a different world we are lining in that it has been vital to our children that we bring secular topics into a Christian world and vice versa.  Thanks to Julie Viacava for taking on this huge, scary project.

In 2011, the Easter egg hunt was added to our Easter festivities and thanks go to Al and Kathy Hoffman for their hard work in preparing for the event.  We have big plans for 2012 to triple the amount of eggs so there was plenty of work to go around this Easter 2012.

The annual Christmas pageant is by far the biggest visual lesson Sunday School uses.  When the children act out our Lord and Savior’s birth, the lesson becomes engraved on their hearts and minds.  Our 2011 Christmas Pageant was no exception.  It was a great success.  Thanks to all parents who gave of their time during this very busy season, to bring  the kids to rehearsals.

We invested in a new 22″ flat screen monitor for one of the Sunday School rooms in 2011 when our old television stopped working.  Periodically, we supplement our lessons with movies this addition to the program has been such a blessing.  Many thanks to our parishoners whogive so generously to the church which in turn helps the Sunday School to stay afloat.  Our teachers donate most of the items used with the lessons week after week, do the Church is grateful that when a large expense comes up, the Church budget can cover it.


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