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Anglican Church Women – Saint Ann’s Guild, through acts of Christian charity, help support the mission of the Church in the Parish, Diocese and Province. Through this association, a woman avails herself to the opportunity to grow as an individual and as a member of a group. Each member of the ACW actually becomes a public relations herald of the parish. She represents her church to the community. She can further the work of the Church substantially as an individual, as well as by her participation in the activities of ACW as a group.

Don’t let this description or “purpose” scare you–it’s really a lot of fun!

Throughout the year, our ACW plans the most wonderful projects and activities. Some of the most popular have been an evening of summer theater, a golf outing, an Oktoberfest celebration, a field trip to a nearby winery which included lunch, the yard sale, Mardi Gras night, a bake sale and cake auction, the giant Easter Basket raffle and our annual St. George’s Day Celebration and Brunch.

In addition, there is the In-parish Out-reach programs which involve sending cards and visiting the sick and elderly in the parish, supporting our youth group, nursery and church school. The ACW Scholarship Program is designed to distribute monies to deserving students for scholarships or grants and there is also a fund to support summer youth camp.

Because of the parish’s generous support for ACW’s many fund-raising activities, they were able to fund Catholic Charities, Safe Nest, First Choice Pregnancy, and the ACW recently added Homefront Nevada to their list. Homefront Nevada provides financial aid to wounded Nevada veterans and their families.  In addition to these charities, the ACW donated to the DSWS Outreach Project and Street Teens of Nevada. ACW also was able to provide financial aid to its own parishoners in need of assistance. Additionally, a care package was sent to a young parishoner in Boot Camp.

Our ACW also handles distribution of the Anglican Liturgical Ordo Calendar and the Lenten Mite Box Offering.

The ACW provided a crozier for the Bishop to have on site when he visits.  The ACW also made a substantial donation to the candlestick fund.  It also funded the Easter Baskets, Fall picnic/barbecue and the Synod  breakfast.

The ACW provides funds to purchase bibles, prayer books, Ordo Kalendars and other religious items.  Proceeds from their sale reimburses these purchases.

The Saint Ann’s Guild is a charity organization that relies on the donations from parishoners to fulfill all duties.

We would like to extend an invitation to the women of St. George’s to attend and participate in the ACW meeting and functions.  It is open to all of our women and we value and respect your input and ideas.


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