The San Damiano Crucifix is an early Church crucifix, as the corpus is painted onto the cross. What is unique about this particular crucifix is that it depicts both Christ’s passion and His resurrection. It also reflects the direction God gave to St. Francis: “Francis, do you not see that My house is falling into ruin? Go, and rebuild it for Me.” We are thus reminded of the importance of rebuilding the Church in our time.

Stained glass windows. Often in churches there are stained glass windows of Christ, of saints, or of scenes from the Bible. The stained glass windows at St. George’s Church bear no such depictions, but they will almost certainly be included in the windows of our future church. The natural light that shines through characters in stained glass windows symbolizes the light of Christ. This highlights the reality that in Christ the saints are on fire with the love of God. As our worship of Almighty God joins with that same worship in Heaven in the Mass, it follows we should heighten our senses to the reality that we are on holy ground. Stained glass windows help capture that effect by refracting the rays of sunlight as they pour through the windows, giving our chapel a beautiful and ethereal quality.

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