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The Altar is the center of the Church’s Life and is the major concern of the Altar Guild.  Altar Guild work is a vocation and a privilege of serving at God’s Altar.  Its primary purpose is to prepare and maintain the Eucharistic vessels and linens as well as the Altar and Sanctuary, for all services including Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Matrimony and Funerals. The Rector is the head of the Altar guild and bears the final responsibility for how Altar Guild duties are performed.

The Altar Guild exists to assist the clergy.  They willingly and harmoniously carry out the Priest’s wishes.  The members of the Altar Guild must consecrate themselves to their work, placing love of Christ above all personal feelings, working together in perfect agreement and peace.

The Guild must be loyal to the Priest under all conditions and to fellow members of the Guild for the sacred work in which they are engaged.  The priveledge of serving as God’s housekeepers, as one clergyman called the Altar Guild, requires each member to dedicate herself and her work as an offering to God, to whom nothing but the best can be given.  Perfect cleanliness and punctuality are absolutely essential in God’s House and arre the external manifestation of loyalty and devotion.  An Altar Guild can function adequately only when its members are inspired by a spirit of devotion.

The Altar Guild must be guided by the Priest whom it assists.  Whatever wish he has must be respected my the members.  To be a member of the Altar Guild we must put this duty above all others.

Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter are busy Church seasons for the Altar Guild, as are Bishop’s visits and Synods.

With thanks to God, and through much prayer and hope, three more ladies were recently called to join the membership and share the responsibilities of this moth worthy ministry.  As with all volunteer work, the numbers change frequently, resulting in an ongoing need for help.  Please continue to offer up your prayers for St. George’s Altar Guild.

Deepest thanks are offered to those who are now serving on the Altar Guild.



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